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The only collaborative AI in automotive.

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The AutomotiveGPT and partnership embraces the unique strengths of human and artificial intelligence to yield optimal outcomes.

Sales AI

Meaningful conversations turn into sales by building trust and establish a genuine connection.

Service AI

Retaining service customers generates a steady stream of revenue through repeat business and potential vehicle sales.

Retention AI

Fosters brand loyalty, repeat business, and ultimately driving long-term profitability and success.

A Hybrid approach to Artificial intelligence

Work better, work faster with AI.

AutomotiveGPT, combined with’s browser extension and iOS and Android mobile app, streamlines the process of joining discussions when in-house intervention is required, ensuring a seamless transition for effective customer experiences.

Super human AI assistants can automatically prioritize and manage leads, ensuring that the most promising prospects are attended to promptly.

Super Human can help customers schedule test drives, service appointments, or showroom visits, making the process more convenient for both customers and the dealership.

Super Human engages with customers through multiple channels, such as SMS, email, chat, or Facebook messenger, increasing the chances of reaching potential buyers through their preferred communication method.

Pricing Plans

Superhuman AI packs


Compare to a 5+ person BDC
From$1299Per Month

Our lightest version of AI gives you the power of AI without the investment. We create the reply and your team reviews to send. Includes full suite and limited automations.

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Compare to a 10+ person BDC
From$1999Per Month

Business hours AI BDC that works inquiries and relationships through out your customers vehicle ownership lifecycle. Includes full suite and unlimited automations.

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Compare to a 20+ person BDC
From$2499Per Month

24 hour AI BDC that works inquiries and relationships trough out your customers vehicle ownership lifecycle. Includes full suite and unlimited automations.

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Easy implementation

AI power your current software stack.

AI powered conversations

AutomotiveGPT +

CRM Integrations

Get turn-key seamless integrations with numerous CRMs including: Elead CRM, VinSolutions and DealerSocket.

DMS Integrations

Build lifelong relationships with DMS data and our API level integrations with CDK drive, Reynolds & Reynolds and DealerTrack.


Work smarter with a unified view of customer interactions from web leads, SMS, email, Facebook messenger, Instagram messages and Google My Business.

AI Customization

Dealerships are not created equal. That's why our AI allows you to provide specific instructions of how to handle requests to your preference.

“As a small dealership, we needed a cost-effective solution that could handle diverse operational challenges. AutomotiveGPT has been our secret weapon. We tasked it with pricing strategies and lead management, resulting in a 25% boost in profitability. It’s an invaluable partner in our daily decisions.”

Stephen White

Managing Partner

“We were skeptical at first, but Dealer Co-Pilot by AutomotiveGPT has exceeded our expectations. It has mastered complex operational prompts, helping us streamline our service department’s workflow and reduce customer wait times. Our customer satisfaction scores have never been higher!”

Donnie Allen

Fixed-Ops Director

“Dealer Co-Pilot from AutomotiveGPT has exceeded our expectations. We tasked it with intricate operational challenges related to lead generation and customer engagement. The AI’s ability to generate personalized, data-driven responses has transformed our customer interactions, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.”

Cameron Turner

BDC Manager
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