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a more natural and contextually appropriate response.

AI trained to
sell more service.

A revolutionary leap forward in the realm of conversational AI for the automotive industry. Unlike generic AI models, AutomotiveGPT is specifically designed and pre-trained with a vast reservoir of knowledge solely focused on the automotive domain.

Dealer CoPilot

Gain insights on effective sales strategies, customer engagement techniques, and industry trends.
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AI assistant that engages leads and nurtures opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.
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Dealer Eye

Dealer Eye revolutionizes dealership customer experiences with its Vision AI technology for car dealerships.
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an extensive reservoir of automotive-specific knowledge.

Access the worlds knowledge of automotive.

The automotive industry’s dynamic nature demands a specialized approach, and AutomotiveGPT rises to the occasion with fully customizable AI models.

01. Pre-Trained AI Models
02. Build Your Own AI Models
broad general knowledge and domain expertise

Transforming dealership productivity and efficiency.

We source information from authoritative industry-specific content and glean deep insights from seasoned automotive professionals, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry’s domain’s intricate nuances.


What other have to say.

“Dealer Co-Pilot from AutomotiveGPT has exceeded our expectations. We tasked it with intricate operational challenges related to lead generation and customer engagement. The AI’s ability to generate personalized, data-driven responses has transformed our customer interactions, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.”

Cameron Turner

BDC Manager

“We were skeptical at first, but Dealer Co-Pilot by AutomotiveGPT has exceeded our expectations. It has mastered complex operational prompts, helping us streamline our service department’s workflow and reduce customer wait times. Our customer satisfaction scores have never been higher!”

Donnie Allen

Fixed-Ops Director

“As a small dealership, we needed a cost-effective solution that could handle diverse operational challenges. AutomotiveGPT has been our secret weapon. We tasked it with pricing strategies and lead management, resulting in a 25% boost in profitability. It’s an invaluable partner in our daily decisions.”

Stephen White

Managing Partner
A more innovative, and adaptive approach.

Creating safe AI that benefits all of Automotive.

In a symbolic relationship of collaboration, AutomotiveGPT and humans can join forces, harnessing the unique strengths of each to yield optimal outcomes.

Data-driven insights that complement human intellect.

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